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Meet Klara Bolech


Office Manager / Chiropractic Assistant

I have always been interested in a healthy lifestyle and in what I can do to keep myself fit and healthy for as long as possible.”

Klara wanted to work in a job where she could be in contact with people and help them achieve their goals. “When I found Dr Mo (Chiropractor) and his clinic, I knew it would be a job that I would really enjoy.”

Klara holds a Master’s degree in Humanities and a Graduate Diploma from Strategic Leadership. She attended university in the Czech Republic and graduated in 2016. With a passion for learning, she loves attending seminars and conferences (e.g. Remarkable Conversion & Retention) where she can deepen her knowledge.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not working, Klara enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking, playing tennis, and dancing. When she has more time, she loves exploring new places with her fiancé.

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Klara Pechackova | Platinum Spinal Centre