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Connecting Posture and Overall Health

At Platinum Spinal Centre in WerribeeGladstone and Kingston, we believe posture is a window to your health. It provides valuable insights into a person’s wellbeing and may have a significant impact on their overall health and quality of life. That’s why we prioritise the diagnosis and correction of posture-related issues using advanced technology and personalised chiropractic care.

The Power of AI Scanning Technology

posture screening technology

We go beyond guesswork and eyeballing postures. Our cutting-edge AI scanning technology allows us to accurately assess a patient’s posture and compare it to their ideal posture. This technology not only provides us with precise measurements but also enables us to show patients exactly how their current posture is affecting their body and nervous system. We are then able to use our AI-driven technology to generate a program of exercises and stretches tailored to each individual.In addition to assessing posture, we conduct nerve scans to demonstrate the impact of poor posture on the body and its vital functions. These scans reveal how incorrect posture may compress organs, hinder oxygen flow to the brain, and affect lung ventilation. By sharing this information with our patients, we empower them to understand the long-term health consequences of poor posture.

scanning neck

The Three Shock Absorbers in Your Spine

The spine is an incredible structure designed to support and protect our bodies. It consists of three main curvatures, often referred to as the “three shock absorbers.” Similar to a car’s shock absorbers ensuring a smooth ride, these curvatures provide comfort, balance, and optimal spinal function. It’s crucial that none of these shock absorbers are missing or compromised. That’s where chiropractic care comes in!

Posture Is Rooted in the Feet

Walking is a fundamental human activity, and our bodies have adapted to become bipedal beings. However, issues such as flat feet or a loss of arches may disrupt the natural walking mechanism. In response, the spine compensates, so individuals may continue walking on their own two feet. These compensations often lead to postural imbalances and negatively impact the spine and nervous system.

At Platinum Spinal Centre, our diagnostic excellence, coupled with advanced technology, ensures that we uncover the root causes of posture-related issues and correct imbalances, allowing patients to continue to perform their daily activities without pain, and the nervous system to function as it was designed to.

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