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Meet Grace Wittingslow, Marketing Coordinator

I love the natural approach chiropractors take, and their ability to look at the entire patient—their physical health, lifestyle and overall wellbeing.”

Grace has been seeing a chiropractor regularly since she was a toddler and has witnessed how they have helped not only herself, but her family members too. “I chose this profession because I want to help people in a way that will make a true difference to their lives—offering more than just a ‘BAND-AID® fix’ and helping them to become more aware of their bodies and empowered to make important health choices.”


Grace earned a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Human Structure and Function) from The University of Melbourne, and then a double degree—Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic)—from RMIT in 2021.

Hobbies & Family Life

Outside the practice, Grace loves going to Pilates classes and taking long walks while listening to podcasts. “I have a deep fascination and appreciation for pregnancy and birth, and this is something I would love to broaden my knowledge on.”

Grace also loves coffee and finding new cafes in her area. Her go-to brunch order is chilli scrambled eggs! She also loves to cook (Nigella Lawson is her inspiration). Grace and her husband often try new dishes and she is always open to recipe recommendations.

Spending time at the beach is another one of her favourite activities.

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